Thunder Bay International Hostel


028Our own home is also a backpackers hostel. Visitors come from far and near without much, if any, notice. Intermingling with our family and friends, visitors will always find our home an exciting place.

Two signs greet our company as they enter, and another, as they leave. Each sums up our philosophy about strangers in our midst.


Let the guest sojourning here know that in this home, our life is simple. What we cannot afford, we do not offer, but what good cheer we can give, we give gladly. We make no strife for appearance’s sake. We will not swerve from our path for you.

070Know also, friend, that we live a life of labour that we may not neglect it. Therefore, if at times, we separate ourselves from you, Do not occupy yourself according to your heart’s desire, being sure that no slight to your presence is intended.

We will not defer to you in opinion, or ask you to defer to us. What you think, you shall say, if you wish, without giving offence. What we think, we also say, believing that the crystal, Truth, has many aspects, and that Love is large enough to encompass them all.

In this house, you may meet those not of your own sort. They may differ from you in nationality, birth, position, possessions, education or affinity. But we are maintaining here a small part of the world’s great future democracy. We ask of you therefore, courtesy and tolerance for all alike.

And on these stern terms, though you be young or old, proud or plain, rich or poor, resting here, you are a partaker of our love, And we give you glad Welcome.

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